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Wedding photographs with feeling

I wanted to explain ‘my style’ or ‘my approach’ to wedding photography, I will mainly let the pictures do the talking, but I felt it was important to try and briefly share my thoughts with you. Hopefully you will notice when looking through my pictures that the people look natural, happy and relaxed! No cheesey poses, forced smiles or unflattering and awkward pictures. I aim to capture every moment of your special day and I believe a big part of my skill as a photographer is in interacting with people and making them feel comfortable, so even when I set a shot up, it still looks completely natural, and people feel at ease. I promise I won’t turn your big day into one long photoshoot, I always aim to strike a balance between capturing all the moments as they naturally occur and getting those ‘must have’ shots of the bride and groom and family etc.

I want you to look back at your wedding pictures and not just remember what it was like, but to be able to actually feel what it was like, through the photographs. I aim to get a mixture of natural moments, and creative and relaxed portraits, as well as any requested group shots. Even with the group shots, I still try and make them nice and relaxed rather than everyone looking terrified or bored.

I’ve added a few examples below, but please also check out my portfolio page for lots more photographs.

I love these kinds of pictures, they really show the emotion of the day!

I’m always on the lookout for interesting light, and love a bit of sun flare!

Group shots can still be made to look relaxed rather than stiff and boring.

Night-time wedding photography

My night-time wedding photographs are something I really enjoy doing, as they are a way of getting some creative and different shots that you’ll be proud to display, and something a bit different from the usual perception of wedding photography. I am very fast with my lighting, so you won’t miss any of the party, my night-time pictures are created in a matter of minutes!

One special day

I have developed a style where I work quickly and efficiently so you can enjoy your day without the photography becoming a chore. You can have amazing, creative photographs just like all the pictures on my site, without having to stand around and pose for hours on end. I will make you look and feel relaxed in the pictures rather than standing in a line looking awkward.

If you want:

  • Your wedding pictures to look natural and relaxed
  • To have an amazing fun day with your family and friends
  • To book a full time professional wedding photographer, who has many years of experience and knowledge
  • To capture moments and memories of your big day, not just hundreds of lineups.
  • A flexible photographer you will listen to you and treats every couple as individuals
  • A friendly photographer who will blend in with your guests and not try to take over or boss people around.

Then please get in touch, and tell me about your exciting plans, and check my availability.